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  • The TSS Combination Push Button Keysafe stores up to 6 Cylinder Keys or 1 to 2 Mortice Keys. With a 3 to 10 digit combination code that is easily changed.

    The included Rubber Cover offers additional protection from the elements.

    Enter your code using the Push Buttons and slide the silver lever down to open the Keysafe. Re-enter your code before placing the face back on the Keysafe ensuring the lever clicks into place.



  • Slide the Silver Button down and remove the face of the keysafe.
  • Unscrew and remove the white plastic cover.
  • Using the tool provided or a flat-headed screwdriver rotate the arrows to point downward on the numbers you wish to be in your code.
  • Place the white plastic cover back in place and fix it with the screw.
  • Place the face of the keysafe back on the body and use your new code to open.


  • TSS - Stock More For Less

    TSS believes that quality doesn't have to come with a high price tag. TSS to provide high-quality products to the trade that meet specification requirements, all at an affordable price. TSS manufactures its products to high standards to ensure their products are an improvement on your current product choice.

TSS Wall Mounted Push Button Key Safe / Lock Box

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